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APLOMBIS sells Modern Women's Apparel designed and manufactured in Los Angles by Emily Pringle O'Keeffe

Manufacturing process for the APLOMBIS shirts

See how our shirts are made.


How these shirts are made:

Fabric: The fabric for this first run of shirts is from a a warehouse in the fashion district of Los Angeles. The fabric is hand selected from heaps of similar types of products each slightly different from the rest. My sense of touch is what lead me to select each fabric, and some guess work. These heavier weight fabrics may have a small percentage of Lycra in them.  After this first run of shirts, I hope to be able to provide more information about the fabric and the manufacturing.

Production: I sourced the production of the shirt with local manufacturer also in Los Angeles. The most time consuming element is the hand finishing of the shirt along the collar.  However, I felt that this detail was very important to the overall feel of the garment and what it represents.  I am not interested in mass produced items but lasting style and high quality. 

Inspection: I will be personally inspecting and packaging each shirt that is sent to you. However if you find anything wrong with the shirt, including if you simply don’t like it, I will happily refund your money.