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APLOMBIS sells Modern Women's Apparel designed and manufactured in Los Angles by Emily Pringle O'Keeffe


The day-to-day musings of the clothing designer, Emily Pringle O'Keeffe as she embarks upon this new journey.

A Gift

Emily O'Keeffe

Boxes being prepared for shipment

Am I selling shirts or giving gifts?  Well a little of both I think!  The jolt of excitement as each new order arrives is then followed by a real contentment as I prepare it for shipping.  I want the experience of receiving this purchase to be one of delight and beauty.  Each shirt is carefully ironed, folded and wrapped so that when it arrives to you it is pristine.  My dreams and hard work are wrapped into each box, symbolically and actually.  I then head to the post office with my parcels- no small feat this time of year!- and hand over this gift with its tracking number to the somewhat harried USPS workers.  

Then its time to head back down Sunset Avenue to collect my kids from school.  

The Process

Emily O'Keeffe

Lessons learned...I have learned few important lessons this week- some of which I continue to learn time and time again.  

Last Friday 'Launch Day', I learned that if your car battery continues to die you need a new one, because driving around with jumper cables in the front seat is not reliable- even though I have found strangers to be very friendly in Los Angeles.  

I also learned, as I left Pep Boys and headed back to the school to pick up my sick kid, that my 'mothers hat' is still firmly on my head- just where I want it to be!

At the beginning of the week, I again learned that what I am embarking upon is a Process and not a race to some finish line.  In this life (and the reason that I am in love it) we do not know where we are going- and isn't that mystery such a wonderful and exciting prospect!  

So I let go of some expectations this week and I have laid out the one small step that is directly in front of me- because that is as far forward as I choose to look.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Before 6 am

Emily O'Keeffe

It's a good thing that I like to wake up early.  Because today before 6am we have launched the website and have already sold one shirt! 

Maeve, my daughter has already come up for a snuggle and to know where her favorite book is...she is also a morning girl.  

I have had a cup of strong black coffee (time for the second one) while giving Pip her morning adoration session.

And I have hand sewn the collar around one more Black Collar Shirt.

Hello Today!

Just the beginning...

Emily O'Keeffe

Hello and thank you so very much for taking time to look at APLOMBIS!  This website and the opening of my online store has been a long time in the making and I am very excited about what this next year has in store- literally!

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